Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin expressed the vanishing of the verbal form of storytelling in his 1936 essay. Following Benjamin's description of a storyteller we are looking at the storyteller of today

The Storytellers

The selected protagonists are: architects Peter Eisenman and Nikolaus Hirsch, artists Özge Açikkol & Seçil Yersel, Simon Starling, Nikolay Polisski, fakir Lalu Baba, activist Ali Shamsher, walrus hunter Boris Girgiroskyn. Their effort shows that behind each of the works there stands a personal experience, absorbing the experiences of many. Relived again and again it determines the practices of one’s life.


Today’s storyteller, be it an artist or an architect presents a possibility to share the experience without words. He makes visible and tangible for us that which remains inexistent for the media and the commerce.

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