Film Director

Nathaniel Knop

born 1968 in Czernowitz, the city that at some point was Austrian, Rumanian, Soviet and ended up being Ukrainian. Knop studied Psychiatry in Siberia, worked by A. Kaidanovsky in Moscow and K. Zanussi in Warsaw. He is a holder of the Nipkow - European Scholarships for Audiovisual Media Professionals, Berlin. Founder and Curator of the project space for Contemporary Art - Platfrom Sarai for 11 years. Worked with numerous channels as 3SAT and ARTE, museums like the Russian State Museum in Sankt-Petersburg or the MAK Frankfurt. Now he is living with his 5 kids in Frankfurt/Main, reading books and, together with Peter Rippl, making films in collaboration with dancers, architects and fishermans. 

Peter Rippl

Studied art, working as screenwriter and film director. 
1999 Winterspruch (experimental Music-Documentary) Hessian Film award
2001 Schwestern, Hessian Screenplay award
2005 The one-armed soldier (Documentary)
2008 Leningrad-The man who sings (Music-Documentary)
2011 Der Glasmaler (Documentary)
2013 No trust. No fear. Ask nothing, National Russian Documentary award ‘Lawr’ - nominated in the category ‘best documentary for cinema’

Nikita Khokhlov

Director, cinematographer, producer. До 1998 занимался съемкой музыкальных клипов и рекламы, затем начал путешествовать и снимать исключительно неигровое кино. В качестве оператора снял около пятидесяти документальных лент в самых разных точках Земли. Лауреат отечественных и зарубежных кинофестивалей. Founder of "Ethno-online filmproduction"

Ketevan Scheipner

Ketevan Scheipner, born in Georgia 1980, she lives and works in Frankfurt am Main. Though she studied classical piano and jazz vocal in Moscow, Ketevan quickly began exploring electronic music and sound art. Influenced by the studies of linguistics that she attended afterwards, her sound works introduced repetitive and deconstructional practices while exploring existential ideas of chance operations.